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At Christopher’s Rare Coins, our customers are new buyers seeking information from experts, seasoned investors wanting to hedge against inflation, and some who simply want to store their wealth in something they can hold and that can grow over time.

Whatever it is you are looking for, our expert team can be trusted to answer your questions and guide you in the process of investing.





Why should you invest in gold and silver?

Investing in gold and silver provides a hedge against inflation and economic downturns, ensuring stability and preserving wealth over time. These assets historically appreciate, offering long-term growth potential. Building an investment portfolio with gold and silver is not only an investment in your future; It is an investment in the future of your children and grandchildren. By employing dollar-cost averaging, investors can mitigate volatility and develop disciplined habits while potentially lowering overall costs. Gold and silver thus offer both stability and growth, making them essential elements of a diversified investment portfolio.

How can you start investing?

When first considering investing in gold and silver, it is important to find a dealer that you trust. At Christopher’s Rare Coins, our trusted experts are happy to guide you through the process of investing – No matter your budget or level of experience investing in gold and silver.

Although you can start investing with any budget, today we are going to focus on three different monthly budget scenarios: the $100 investor, the $1,000 investor, and the $10,000 investor.

Considering the rates for gold and silver during spring of 2024:

  • The $100 investor could buy a 1-gram gold bar (~$82) and 1 generic silver round (~$27) monthly.
  • With $1,000 you could invest in two 10 oz silver bars (~$500) and two 1/10 oz Gold American Eagles (~$500).
  • Lastly, the $10,000 investor could purchase three gold eagles (~$6,180) and fourteen 10 oz silver bars (~$3,670).

What do you want to invest today? Stop in store to speak to our experts about creating a plan of investment for your personal budget.

This is not financial advice. Rates are updated bi-annually. Please contact us if you have any questions about the current rates in gold and silver.


What are the expectations and parameters of investing?

Investing in gold and silver requires careful consideration. While they can hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, their prices are influenced by factors like geopolitics, currency fluctuations, and central bank policies. This is why it is important to diversify between gold and silver products.

Unlike stocks or bonds, gold and silver don’t generate income, relying solely on supply and demand dynamics. Storage and security concerns should also be noted with physical bullion.

Our precious metals experts are here to consult with you to help you make an informed decision when investing in gold and silver. We typically recommend investing on a monthly basis, but as you build your investment plan you may also choose quarterly or annually.

Stop in-store today – Christopher’s Rare Coins can assist you with starting or continuing your investment in silver or gold bullion.

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